Fortino Napoleonico


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Fortino Napoleonico

Fortino Napoleonico is a romantic restaurant, located 10 kilometres from Ancona, with a splendid terrace by the sea. The view is enchanting and the fish-based cuisine is delicious. Come here to celebrate a very special night.

Useful Information

  • More Info: Baia di Portonovo
  • Phone: +39 071 801 450 / +39 071 801 451
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The Marche (or the Marches) region has a rich, varied cuisine that has developed out of poverty and the need to make the most from what little there was. Here you will find many rustic, tasty recipes, often with a fish base. Typical dishes include: brodetto all’Anconetana (a hearty Adriatic fish soup, similar to bouillabaisse) and stoccafisso all’Anconetana (salted cod – Ancona style). Don’t miss stuffed Olives Ascolana Style.