Via Napoli Market


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Via Napoli Market

The Monday market on Via Napoli is a great place for second-hand clothes, shoes, textiles, and craft items. It's a haven for vintage enthusiasts and those who relish the authentic and vibrant ambience of bustling markets. If you're in search of unique finds or simply enjoy the lively chaos of such places, this market is a must-visit for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


If you want to find Italian fashion clothing, bags, shoes and accessories, you should visit Via Sparano — the most important shopping street in Bari. Here you can find all the famous labels as well as the major chains. Other fashion shops, with cheaper brands, can be found in Corso Cavour and Via Manzoni. And if you want to bring home typical food from Southern Italy, you can visit the markets in Corso Mazzini and on Via Nicolai (they are open every day).